Aashichem is a India based company that serves in chemicals, Food raw Material, ingredients, Pharmaceutical Ingredients For,
We invest in our relationship with the customer. Successful partnership is based on mutual trust and alignment of interests towards achieving the customer’s goals.

The team of Aashichem is your own R&D department. We share our experience & expertise with your team and we commit to achieve optimum formulation and service that meets your requirements and standard. As well the needs of the market you are targeting. We are by your side all the way step by step and we aim for excellence.

We aashichem don’t just offer products. We offer you experience and expertise, unlimited time and devotion to you and your products. We offer complete custom solutions trailed on your business. We are the secret of your excellence and success.

To provide skill, knowledge and technical expertise to help our customer achieve desired solutions We evaluate results of our work process as an on-going process to achieve continual improvement of our systems, products and services.

To create reputation synonymous with quality, competitiveness, reliability, fairness and transparency in business. We take team building as one of the most important aspect in our business. It’s always a joint effort that creates the magic.

To be the largest ethical and committed supplier of chemicals, Food & ingredients from the well Known sources located around the world.

• Excellence,
• Our employees,
• Organizational leadership,
• Operational performance

Why Aashichem ?

  • Do you have headache from trying to correctly choose from a long list of Chemicals, Food ingredients & Pharmaceutical Ingredients provided from an overwhelming amount of suppliers ?
  • Are you fed up with suppliers marking up price of products because of their own demand & unjustifiable internal costs?
  • Are you tired of waiting for shipments updates that you requested several days, weeks before?
  • Do you truly care about the points mentioned above? Would you not want to work with a company that can offer great customer service?
  • Aashichem understand these concerns, which is why our specialization in chemical & ingredients industry as well as our customer-oriented service can remove all your worries and stress away.
  • Aashichem that puts the customer first, making sure that the customer receives top quality products while receive great customer service.
  • Aashichem specializes in providing superior additives & ingredients.
  • We makes unique not difference.
  • Aashichem makes only what you want and cares about what you need.


Aashi Chem is a reputed Industry in the manufacturing and supplying of Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals Industry (API’s), Food-Beverages & Dairy Confessionary, Cosmetics & Perfumes in India.



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