Free Labeling

We offer finished products, produced from our raw materials to customers who do not wish to produce by themselves due to various reasons like, random demand, shortage of space, inventory of raw materials, difficulty in imports, etc.

Warehousing Solutions

Our strategic warehousing locations combined with best in class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions.

Supply Chain Solution

Good process leads to real results. With Supply Chain Solutions, we combine a process-driven approach with action to deliver measurable business value. So you can be more efficient. Leaner. More agile. So you can free up cash flow. Save money. Deliver smarter.
At Supply Chain Solutions, we marry business process, technology and your company culture to develop strategies and a plan so you can implement business improvements that get near-term and long-term results. Through our Consulting Group, we analyze your supply chain and make recommendations that deliver true business value.

Bulk Shipment

Special commodities are just that: special. Chemicals, hazardous materials or temperature-controlled eatables require extra care and attention. Selecting a transportation partner to move these unique products should never be left to chance. At AASHI CHEM, we have experience moving special commodities like flammable chemicals and hazardous waste safely and efficiently. With custom-built equipment specially designed and tailored to your sensitive and industrial jobs, you can count on us to provide outstanding service at a competitive price.

Custom Packaging

The premier compound blending and contract packaging company in india. We are your source for top quality blending and packaging for all of your needs from liquids to aerosols.
We can help you with:

Global Logistics

The design and management of a system that controls the flow of materials into, through and out of the international corporation.


Aashi Chem is a reputed Industry in the manufacturing and supplying of Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals Industry (API’s), Food-Beverages & Dairy Confessionary, Cosmetics & Perfumes in India.



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